MW2 Update

Have my thoughts changed on MW2 after more playing? Yes and no.

Aside from retarded boosters, I enjoy Free For All and I actually have fun with it. The maps are so much better suited for FFA. With the amount of flanks and no team covering your ass, its hard to simply camp in one area unless you are extremely alert or have claymores or something. I just like it and I feel like I’m really being tested when I play it. I feel accomplished when I play and do well in it without Chopper Gunner or an AC-130.

The spawn system is still utter shit in it though. And Painkiller can go fuck itself. And, Sitrep Pro doesn’t really counter Ninja Pro’s silent footsteps. Other than that, it’s fun and definitely the only game mode I’ll be playing. The other modes are crap, and I’m saying that when TDM obviously used to be my favorite game mode in COD4/WaW.

Are there still imbalances and flaws? Hell yes. There is so much I want to fix. But, I am happy I have found a game mode that is more balanced, fair and fun, because I really didn’t want to waste $60. I’m also happy I can post matches that are entertaining as opposed to me rampaging through teams with an AC-130.