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Call of Duty 4 – Domination 3 (AK-74u)

An old match. The quality on YouTube for this match was terrible due to YouTube’s fail rendering on video game videos they had going on back when I originally uploaded this, so I figured I’d just delete it. The blip version was wayyyy too large and would load too slowly, but at least it was good quality. However, I decided to re-upload it at a smaller file size.

NOTICE: This may still load slowly for some of you because the bitrate is still very high and my transcoder wont go any lower without sacrificing quality greatly. Just let it pre-load a bit (maybe a minute or 5 depending on your connection speed) before hitting play and it should stream fine with no pauses.

AK-74u – No Attachments
Stopping Power
Steady Aim

Final Score: 41-5

Call of Duty 4 – Domination 7 (Gold AK-47)

This is an old match (about 2 months old as of June 30, 2009) that unfortunately has some quality problems and no game audio. Instead of throwing it out I decided to upload it for you all though. I had to face a serious clan and I had to carry a team of nobodies, and there was literally nothing I could do to win this game. One player doesn’t win games and one player can’t cap flags against an entire clan with 3x frag, thus I didn’t bother trying to win this game because there is no point. I didn’t commentate this match because it would have sounded strange with no game audio, and because there is nothing to comment on, its just me trying to hold my own against a clan. Enjoy the awesome free licensed video game music (from Turok 2 and Mega Man X, respectively) by OCRemix though.

Call of Duty 4 – Domination 6 (MP5)

Call of Duty 4 – Domination 2 (AK-74u)

Call of Duty 4 – Domination 1 (M4 Carbine)