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Call of Duty 4 – Blame Truth’s Hourtage

Extremely short montage from an hour of gameplay in TDM. Clips taken from matches that weren’t good enough to get uploaded as uncut games.

Random thoughts:
-I wish more people got their montage footage from TDM/FFA rather than Domination.
-I barely edited this.
-All my old montages are private as copyrights aren’t cool.


Call of Duty 4 gives me AIDS


OH MY FUCKING COD! – Episode 2

All of this is from 1 HOUR OF PLAYING!


OH MY FUCKING COD! – Episode 1

My new little series, how grand it will be.

Free pie to whoever can tell me what the hell happened, why my claymore was tripped when no one was around, and why it killed me at that angle and distance.


Vlog 9-04-09 – Discussing the new Call of Duty 4 Semi-Auto Patch for Xbox 360/PS3


Discussing the new patch that nerfs the fire rate and effectively kills the weapon balance even more. Instead of fixing the spawning, the overpowered M16 and frag grenades, the G3 melee glitch, etc. they choose to “fix” this. Game developers are morons.