YouTube Fails

So I’m sitting here tonight trying to simply read my YouTube inbox messages, or simply look at the most recent comments on my videos, and I notice the site is slow. Painfully fucking slow. And not only is it slow, even when it does load, it is loading incomplete pages.

As most of you know, I have had nothing but trouble on YouTube this past year. If my videos aren’t getting taken down, there’s something glitchy happening or they are forcing some bullshit new feature on us. Currently, the link to my channel is glitched in Opera (the dropdown menu covers it up), but works fine in other browsers. Considering Opera is a very popular browser, why isnt this fixed? It has been weeks.

But back to the topic at hand. I go to the community help forums to see if anyone else is experiencing the slowness (every other site works fine, before anyone says its my connection) because talking to a real life human is impossible. Great customer service, huh?

I find no mention of the slowness, but I do find tons of complaint threads. One in particular caught my eye:

In the thread, various members are complaining of one of their favorite video posters being suspended out of the blue. They are simply wanting an ANSWER as to why this person was suspended, and why many channels post much worse content, but not only do they not get suspended, they are Partners. The thread was made on 8/15/09 and there is STILL no official answer from any YouTube or Google staff member on the subject.

I had some questions on a problem I was having on a week ago, and I figured I would make a topic asking what the deal was. Not only did a real life human respond to me, but they responded in an extremely timely manner (usually 30 minutes after every post I made) as well as answered extremely professionally. Now, YouTube is the BIGGEST video site on the internet (I don’t fucking know how), so shouldn’t THEY be the ones who have the best customer service? There’s not even a fucking e-mail address to talk to someone with if they suspend your account for no reason.

Speaking of suspensions, I could very well be next. It could happen at any time and there’s NOTHING I can do about it. Hopefully I can get the majority of my viewers (at least 20,000 of the 25,000 currently subscribed) to regularly visit my website from now on to see new videos and updates instead of going to YouTube to find my videos. But, that is wishful thinking it seems. The majority of people seem to be highly against YouTube’s bullshit, yet they still continue to use it? Makes no sense to me. I only use it to post trailers now, but I honestly wish I could stop that and just have everyone come here to see new stuff. After all, I can’t get suspended from my own website.

Leave a comment if you found this rant/blog to be the least bit interesting. Anthony out.

EDIT: Also, I’m not recieving proper subscription updates from channels I’m subscribed to, such as The AVGN. I can only imagine how many subscribers don’t see the stuff I post.