Q: Who made this site?

A: Me, and only me. It was very difficult, too, as I didn’t know the first thing about buidling web pages and what not. So please, show your thanks by coming here very often.

Q: I can’t watch your blip.tv video player, the video skips!

A: I hate to tell you this, Sparky, but your PC sucks! It’s ok though, there’s a few things we can do to help.

The first thing to do would be to click the link below the embedded video… this site is pretty image heavy which can tax your CPU and cause skipping on flash videos.

The second thing to do would be update your flash player if you haven’t done so already.

The THIRD thing to do would be to right click on the video and under ‘Quality’ select ‘Low.’ This will usually solve the problem.

If none of the above suggestions work, I would suggest smashing your computer with a hammer because it is BEYOND terrible. GET TO SMASHING, SPARKY!

Q: What the hell does your name mean?

A: Ah, yes… it is simply a song title from the band Hot Cross. THAT’S IT! There’s no hidden meaning or anything, it’s just a song title I thought would make a cool name.

Q: How did you get so popular?

A: I decided to do something no one else had done. I did some funny/insightful commentary on my COD4 multiplayer matches to start, which got me a big following, and then afterward started doing comedic Let’s Plays of other games, as well as more multiplayer commentary on game like UFC Undisputed 2009. Pretty soon, I’ll also plan to start doing some video game reviews, which I’ve always wanted to do after seeing guys like James Rolfe make it so fun.

Q: “Your commentary is degrading! You complain too much on your COD4 vids! You curse too much!” etc.

A: It’s all for comedic effect! Don’t take anything I say too seriously, and for sure don’t take it to heart. The commentary is meant to entertain you, silly geese!

Q: Why don’t you respond to my comment/ message/ email/ forum post/ etc.?

A: Most likely because you asked a stupid/pointless question, you type like a 2nd grader with bricks for hands, or quite simply because I am too busy or too lazy to respond. Don’t take it personal!